RUSOIL Group Ltd has implemented the corporate governance system designed to promote effective managerial decision-making to ensure the Company’s progressive and sustainable development in the interests of all shareholders. In the sphere of corporate governance the Company relies upon the world’s best experience, Russian business leader’s practices and national corporate governance standards.

The management quality rating is an integrated assessment of the Company’s activity and expresses the Expert RA opinion on how the management quality system enables to observe and protect stakeholders’ rights. The rating scale has five grades and includes assessments from (the low management quality rating) up to (the highest management quality level).


The existing processing units are upgraded and new facilities are constructed. Over the past years, the Enterprise put into operation the Catalytic Cracking and Benzene Production Plants, Tar Visbreaking Unit, Cat-Cracked Gasoline Hydrodesulfurization Unit, Diesel Oil Hydrotreatment Unit, Alkylation Unit, Isomerization Unit, Residual Fuel Vacuum Distillation Unit, Combined Plant for Production of Gasoline High-Octane Components, and other industrial facilities.

Also our participates are in the organization of international transport of general and container cargo, Crude oil and petrochemical Products through the territory of Russia and to other countries, as well as providing shipping containers for the use of our customers. Your needs and requests are solved by professionals. Our company fleet comprises of modernized AVIATION KEROSINE JP 54 COLONIAL GRADE, LIQUIFIED NATURAL GAS (LNG), LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG), DIESEL OIL (D2), BITUMEN 60/70, MAZUT M100 GOST, BASE OIL,